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The youth's opinion

Last autumn, we conducted a survey among students at Odda secondary school and Odda high school to see if the young people in the municipality would be interested in such a platform that we have created.



Do you feel that companies, enterprises and career opportunities are clearly visible in the municipality?

As we can see from these results, it's clear that young people are not aware of the opportunities available in the municipality due to poor promotion.


Do you want to stay in Ullensvang municipality when you join the workforce?

Many young people want to stay in the municipality when they join the workforce, but there are also a large number who are unsure. By showing the opportunities available in the municipality, we hope to convince them to stay.

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Do you know about career opportunities in the municipality that you are interested in?

It is important to us that young people see the opportunities the municipality offers as early as possible so that they can see a potential future in Ullensvang.


Do you feel there is a need for this type of website?

The young people in our municipality have shown great interest in this type of website and feel that this is an important tool for their choice of study and workplace.

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Would you use this website?

We see that our website will be useful for young people and others outside the municipality and we see that this platform will be used. This allows young people to gain a better understanding, overview and interest in all the different careers and workplaces in Ullensvang.

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